Some of the highlights and ongoing projects of the committee activities during recent years include:

  • Annual Research Colloquiums aim to showcase local scholarly research undertaken by students at various universities which involved PRISA members. Research results from these studies directly benefit our members by providing them with insights to inform their public relations practice. (See the link for more information).
  • Global Capability Framework is a long term project which is done in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, Prof Anne Gregory and Huddersfield University (UK). The project was launched in 2019 with the presentation of the Capability Framework (CF) for Southern Africa.¬†Some universities such as Cape Town University of Technology (CPUT) has already incorporated the CF into their new qualifications.(see attached report from CPUT). In similar fashion the University of Pretoria (UP) has incorporated the CF (see attached report from UP). The second phase of the project will involve an exploratory study amongst local academia as to the role of the Global Capability Framework with the third phase involving the introduction of the CF to the larger Public Relations industry in Southern Africa.
  • Services SETA collaborations include formal representation on the various Service SETA structures and committees with dedicated PRISA members. Member interests are shared within these structures and ongoing programmes ensure continued feedback and support to our members.
  • Network Perspective research project involves a network perspective to strategic communication with partnerships between various entities (PRISA; Ornico; UJ and Patient User Network) to address grassroots communication during crisis situations. This project started during Covid-19 lockdown and is still ongoing. During April to June 2020, Ornico provided PRISA members with regular media reports on the pandemic. These reports are available on request.