PRISA President Dalien Rene Benecke obtains PhD in Public Relations Activism


PRISA President Dalien Rene Benecke obtains PhD in Public Relations Activism

JOHANNESBURG, 14 August 2019: The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) would like to heartily congratulate its recently elected President, Dr. Dalien Rene Benecke – Senior Lecturer Communication at the University of Johannesburg on completion of her Doctoral thesis.
She decided to pursue a topical subject namely Activism with the study titled  “The Social Representation of Public Relations Activism in Selected Early Career South African Public Relations Practitioners” under the supervision of Professor Sonja Verwey.
“We are delighted to know of her results and I and the rest of PRISA Board, Management, Staff, Consultants, Regional Chairpersons, Members and students congratulate Dr. Benecke on the successful completion of her PhD. We are all greatly proud of her.”

“Not only Dr. Benecke completed her PhD, she has inspired us in the profession and this adds to the pride for the Public Relations and Communication Management.

Knowing that Public Relations is often ignored for its social influence, she explored the power of individual, early career practitioners as symbolic intermediaries

She has become an inspiration to all of us. She is set to introduce a new era of academic and research excellence in PRISA.”  said Victor Sibeko – PRISA Chief Executive officer.

May her success today be the start of tomorrow’s achievements and a very important turning point in the life of any professional as it defines our future course of action, careers and ambitions.

Many professionals may see this as another degree, but the way Dr. Benecke dealt with it, the achievement and her sincerity towards the degree is as relevant to both her day to day job as a lecturer and the president of PRISA.

“With this, she has raised the bar very high and we will be expecting much more from her in further shaping the industry and providing us with astute leadership.” added Sibeko.