It’s Business as UNUSUAL for PRISA working from home!


It’s Business as UNUSUAL for PRISA working from home!

It’s Tuesday, 14 April 2020, supposedly an official working day under normal circumstances. “We had a long invincible weekend in the midst of COVID-19 Lockdown. Life has slowed down and become somewhat tricky, for the first time April has become a month with no weekends. We have yesterday, today, tomorrow and next week.” Say PRISA CEO – Victor Sibeko

Most people are back at work from a partial break and hard at work, working from home. Under normal circumstances, the past weekend would have been holiday breakaways. “With COVID-19 Lockdown we are from home, it is BUSINESS as UNUSUAL.

“PRISA continue sharing professional related thought-leadership content, updates and best practices. With technology on our side members are invited to participate in various empowering and thought-provoking discussions and webinars.” Sibeko concludes.

Please stay at home, keep safe, work hard but smart and keep in touch. Visit our website for updates, follow us on twitter: and Facebook: