BREAKING NEWS: No Membership Increase in 2019!


BREAKING NEWS: No Membership Increase in 2019!

In the current economic climate, many practitioners might find it hard to renew membership. In our bid to proactively respond to the economic challenges, we find it hard to justify increasing your professional membership fees. With a little care and understanding we made it possible.

Based on the current dire economic meltdown in full swing, this is probably the best time to tell you, our members – Consultants, Senior Members, Associates, Lecturers and Students that we will NOT be increasing Membership Fee in 2019.

Justifying the reasons for an increase is paramount but we are not even going to try. We are well aware some members often compromise membership and rather use money for something pressing.

Often practitioners talk about the importance of getting the engagement letter early enough, this is precisely the reason we touch base earlier. Our early announcement will assist with budgets and requisition approval in the case of corporate or group membership.

It is important that we – PRISA not only communicate but share the proposed value proposition to retain you as our members. It is difficult to justify a membership increase when members does not recall the quantum of benefits and services provided.

Careful consideration was taken given PRISA’s revised strategic objectives. We call on practitioners to renew your membership, stay in touch and participate in our various planned profession’s prorgammes. We have great fascinating initiatives with our strategic partners which we will share soon. Watch the space!

This time around, your membership means a lot and active participation is what really makes PRISA. I look forward to the membership renewal and exciting times ahead.  PRISA is a member based organization. Without you – our members, there is no PRISA.

Kindest of regards,

Victor Sibeko
Executive Director