CATEGORIES (35 categories to choose from)

NOTE: There are additions to the 2020 PRISM categories.  

As the pre-eminent Awards in the public relations industry in South Africa, the PRISM Awards committee has included individual awards, consultancy awards, and the coveted ‘Campaign of the Year’ awards.

Entries may not exceed 1 200 words (excluding the opening statement of 100 words) – please indicate the number of words excluding captions, at the end of your entry.

Measurement criteria and weighting

Statement of the Problem       10

Research                                 15

Planning                                  25

Execution                                25

Evaluation                               25

The measurement / judging criteria for each category may differ as key skills differ, please build your entry to reflect the entry criteria.

Please note categories marked with * have different measurement criteria.

Arts and entertainment (new)

For a PR campaign in arts or entertainment.

Best use of an event to build / change reputation (Event management)

For the planning and delivery of a successful event with a public relations dimension.


For an excellent business-to-business public relations campaign.

*Communication Research (specific scoring criteria)

For research conducted for the development of business / communication strategies.

Statement of the Problem / Opportunity (20), Research planning (20), Research Methodology (20), Research Execution (10), Campaign Execution (10), Evaluation (20)

Community Relations

For community relations campaigns where the campaign is conducted by or on behalf of a corporate or government institution.

Consumer PR for an existing product or service

For imaginative public relations activities around a consumer product.

Corporate communication

For excellence in enhancing a company’s overall reputation through corporate communication.  The campaign must take place over a period of time (at least 6 months) and not rely solely on a launch date.

Corporate responsibility

For excellence and leadership in CSR.

Crisis Communication Online (new)

For excellence in the use of digital media during a crisis.

*Crisis management (specific scoring criteria)

Example of excellent communication management during a crisis.

Statement of the Problem / Opportunity (20), Methodology including planning (20), Execution (40), Evaluation (20)

Digital media relations (new)

For a public relations campaign showing creativity in its use of digital media.


A public relations campaign on an environmental issue with substantial results on society.

Financial services

Use of public relations for a financial product or service.

Food and beverage (new)

For a PR campaign to promote a new or existing food or beverage.

Gaming and virtual reality (new)

For a PR campaign that launched a development in the gaming or VR industry.


For an outstanding public relations campaign in the pharmaceuticals or healthcare industry.

Influencer management (new)

For a PR campaign that made use of identified influencers beyond traditional media.

Integration of traditional and new media (new)

For the creative integration of traditional and social media in a PR campaign.

Internal or employee communication

For a creative internal communication campaign that engaged and informed personnel.

International campaign (new)

For a co-ordinated public relations campaign in more than one country.

Investor relations

Use of public relations and communication in the investor relations space.

Launch of a new service or product

For well-planned public relations activities around the launch of a service or product.

Media relations

For effective traditional media relations in a public relations campaign.

NGO campaign

For an effective public relations campaign by a charity or non-governmental organisation targeting a specific issue.

Reduced entry fee for registered charities entering in-house the Non-Profit Organisation Number must appear on the entry form – not entered by the consultancy – for details please contact

PR on a shoestring

For an imaginative public relations campaign done on a small budget (not exceeding R100 000.)

Public Affairs

A well-planned and orchestrated public affairs (lobbying) campaign that clearly influenced or changed public policy.

*Publications (Specific scoring criteria)

For public relations publications such as newsletters or magazines that showed excellence and imagination in communicating with stakeholders. This can be in a print or electronic format.

Statement of the Problem/ Opportunity (30), Research (10), Execution (30), Evaluation (30)

Public sector

For an effective public sector (local authorities, councils, government departments or government authorities) campaign that used public relations tactics to raise knowledge or awareness of an issue or change behaviour.

Reputation and brand management (new)

For the creative positioning of a company image or brand.


For the successful use of public relations in the resources industries.

Social Media as the primary method of Communication (best use of social to lead a campaign)

For excellence in the use of social media as a public relations tool.


For an innovative public relations campaign that promoted or created awareness of sponsorship of an event or activity.


For the successful use of public relations to promote a sport for itself or to a community.


For the effective use of public relations in the technology sector, including business-to-business and consumer campaigns.

Travel and tourism

For the successful use of public relations in the transport, travel, hotel or tourism industries.


*Denotes specific scoring critical for the particular category