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Bigger & bolder than ever - the PRISM Awards 2014


The PRISM Awards will be bigger and bolder than ever in 2014 with a renewed focus on innovation and tangible results.

The PRISM Awards – South Africa's most highly esteemed forum for the recognition of excellence within the public relations and communication sector, will cast a spotlight on efforts that have delivered tangible returns in a creative and inspired fashion.

This year entrants are encouraged to emphasise demonstrable measurement criteria that extend beyond the restrictions of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) figures whilst illustrating an integrated approach that combines both traditional and online avenues.

Honours will be rewarded in response to excellence – further cementing steps taken in previous years to reduce the volume of accolades on the evening to recognise only the most innovative and successful campaigns. This is expected to lift the overall standard of work submitted in 2014.

PRISM's recently strengthened committee, featuring several active and highly experienced members of the South African communication fraternity, will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the transformation of the PRISMs in 2014.

Committee members such as Kevin Welman of Fleishman-Hillard, Nicola Nel of Atmosphere Communications, Ingrid Lotze of Puruma Business Communications and Galia Kerbel of Greater Than have been actively involved in shaping the PRISM Awards 2014 into a more modern and reflective medium, working closely with established PRISM leads like Bridget von Holdt of Glasshouse Communications and Catherine Larkin of CVLC.

In response, several pre-existing categories will be streamlined. This is expected to reduce the overall number of entry groups in favour of a refined approach.

Judging criteria per award will also be revised, giving entrants transparent and open access to internal standards and adjudication.

Finally, the PRISM Awards 2014 will move towards an electronic entry system – eliminating the need for candidates to submit physical entries.

According to Bridget von Holdt, these efforts will serve as a strong foundation for the PRISM Awards in years to come.

"We have endeavoured to retain the best of the PRISMs in prior years whilst making several new improvements to the awards. In this way I believe that we are building a modern and relevant forum for recognition based on an incredibly strong foundation. I look forward to seeing the standard of work submitted to improve in 2014."

Kevin Welman CPRP, managing director of Fleishman-Hillard, believes that this refreshed approach will serve the industry and its members well.

"The PRISM Awards 2014 will recognise work that has met strategic business objectives in a creative manner. If a consultancy wins an award on the evening, they will know that they have executed the best work in South Africa. It is this dedication to highlighting only the very best that will lift the standard of domestic communication efforts whilst encouraging practitioners to be innovative."

One of the most significant objectives this year, adds Welman, is to extend attendance of the event to both consultancies and clients.

"Traditionally the PRISMs were an opportunity for communication professionals to gather in one room and review the best work of the year. Client attendance has typically been low. We hope to move forward in 2014 by encouraging a wider variety of stakeholders to enjoy the evening with us".

The PRISM Awards 2014 is due to be held at the Maslow Hotel, Sandton, on Sunday 6 April 2014. Early sponsors include Afroflame Events, Capricorn FM, DM Events, Facebox, Innovative glass, MSC, Paper Packaging Place, Ultra Litho and Virtual Productions.

Closing Date for Submission Entries: 7 February 2014
Closing Date for Judging: 20 March 2014

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