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Dear PRISA member,

It is with great sadness, we report the unexpected passing of Mixael de Kock on August 25th and pay tribute to him and the contributions he made to PRISA in the Spotlight on APR.

In the September newsletter we would like to congratulate an extraordinary woman for her achievement in the public relations field, Merle O’Brien who is shortlisted to the SABC Board.

We are asking our members to participate in our first suggestion box survey this month to help us make your PRISA work for you.


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PRISA, being a founding member of the Global Alliance in 2002, has played an active part in both the Stockholm Accords and the Melbourne Mandate and will now embark as a local pioneer to lead the first global GAP (Generally Accepted Practices) study in South Africa and Africa together with a community of expert practitioners and key role players at the University of Pretoria.

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PRISA Western Cape deputy chair makes shortlist to SABC Board.

PRISA Fellow, Western Cape deputy chair and former President, Merle O’Brien made the SABC Board shortlist of 37 South Africans out of a total 147 nominations from all walks of life around the country. Merle was nominated by Aloysious Gowne CPRP in his capacity as the Western Cape regional chairman.
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Great news for Gauteng members!

Join the PR coffee revolution and kick start your day with the PRISA Coffee Hour ! PRISA’s Gauteng Regional Committee will host a Coffee Hour once a month from 08h00 to 09h00 at various locations in Pretoria and Johannesburg, alternating monthly between the two cities. The events are open to all PRISA members and public relations students.
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Suggestion box!

Your feedback will help us determine how to better serve you.
Please take a minute and give us your comments.

We would like to hear from you, our members, and therefore have created PRISA’S first suggestion box! If you would like to make a difference, click here. This month we ask you to provide us with workshop topics you would like to attend.

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PRISA’s CPD department is hosting the following workshops in Johannesburg this month.

Internal communication management: September 12 – 13

  • The basic theory of internal communication
  • The importance of internal communication in creating employee commitment
  • The design of an internal communication strategy
Implementing and measuring the internal communication strategy


Creative writing: September 18 - 20

This highly entertaining and intensive workshop is all about writing excellent English texts for the media and adding an injection of creativity. Prepare imaginative content that people will want to read, remember and respond to, thereby achieving your organisational objectives.


Creative writing: October 7 – 8
  This workshop will provide a theoretical grounding on speech and script writing. It will also give tips on how to incorporate different techniques for different target audiences. This vibrant workshop will explain the use of story-telling and anecdotes in creating engaging scripts for various purposes. For example, corporate videos and radio adverts. Join your fellow professionals and become adept at the art of writing good scripts and memorable speeches at this intensive two day workshop.


To book for any of the above mentioned CPD workshops contact Ivonne Blom at

September 18 - 20To view a list of all our programmes for the rest of 2013

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In an interview with PRISA in February 2013, Mixael shared some of his thoughts and views on PRISA and the public relations profession.
    PRISA and Mixael's association goes back 33 years when he first joined and progressed to the point that he became its president in 2006. He served for two years and introduced many programmes aimed at growing and strengthening the institute. One of these was the improvement of professionalism and accreditation with SAQA . “ As president, I gave my all to PRISA and worked 20 hours a day for it”. This wasn’t done in any expectation for material gain or acclaim but because he refuses to accept mediocrity. A fiercely passionate member of PRISA, his almost encyclopedic knowledge of PRISA's achievements reflect the pride he took in his work and is befitting of an APR of his stature.

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The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) recently hosted a Public Relations Consultancy Chapter (PRCC) networking breakfast on workplace ethics and public relations, writes PRISA’s intern, Evidence Mashitoa.

Widely respected in the industry, Cynthia Schoeman from Ethics Monitor, presented PRCC members with an interesting look at ethics and public relations in the workplace. “Having the ability of knowing the difference between what is right or wrong, and encompassing a good value system and ethical culture will create honesty and improve investor and market confidence,” says Cynthia Schoeman.

The breakfast addressed pertinent issues including leadership and ethics, managing ethical boundaries and whether ethics should be regarded as ‘bragging rights, a nice to have or an optional extra. Cynthia emphasised the importance of values and re-enforced the relevance which values has within an organisation despite values having different meanings for different people. “Organisations must strive to align people’s personal values with their organisational values since values create commitment which purports itself to sustainable long term relationship,” concludes Cynthia.

Attendees gained valuable insight into understanding how to manage ethics in a business environment and how to impart this knowledge to their clients.
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This month Megan Govender shares with us how PRISA has contributed to her professional life.

Being in the public relations profession in the water sector is incredibly varied and challenging. It encompasses many different activities, involves a lot of hard work, long hours and creative thinking. It’s not always glitz and glamour. However being a member of PRISA is my ticket to achieving the best in the public relations profession. PRISA keeps me well informed of the constant changes, trends and training needs which is vital to continuously excel in the profession.

I am humbled to have received an individual award for best up-and-coming public relations professional from PRISA'S PRISM AWARDS this year. This accolade definitely opened doors to grow further and venture into the management arena and with my affiliation with PRISA I will “walk the walk“ and “talk the talk“ with confidence, determination and be a proud member of PRISA.

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Why knowing and telling your organisation's story is essential to success - Stuart Rothgiesser

Many years ago, when still starting out, Sam Walton was at one of his stores when he overheard a customer complaining to a cashier about a fishing rod he had recently purchased: “I was really excited to take my boy fishing for the first time, but then the rod broke! Our whole trip was ruined!” Without a word, Sam walked over to the sporting goods section, picked out the same rod, and presented it to the customer, offering his deepest apologies.

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When the markets turn: Managing change during economic turmoil

How do you keep employees engaged in an economic climate where many people are losing their jobs and those who keep their jobs face more stress and higher workloads? This is a highly practical and impactful session delivered by world-class professionals at the heart of ground-breaking work on employee engagement.

This session, facilitated by Michael Mead of Te Tari Taiwhenua, and a noteworthy panel comprising Arthur Luis Floretin, People Management Association of the Philippines; Jennifer Frahm, Conversations of Change and Russell Grossman from IABC, will look at the advances made in the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, and other countries over the last three years regarding the theory and practice of employee engagement and its application for competitive advantage and increased productivity for small, medium, and large companies, including government agencies.

Social media for social change – Paull Young, Michael Sheldrich

Paull Young, charity: water and Michael Sheldrick, Global Poverty Project, talk about driving non-profit organisations' missions and messages through technology. Charity: water was the first non-profit to have 1 million Twitter followers in 2010 and raised over $7 million through digital channels.

Sheldrick will talk about his experience managing, “The End of Polio Campaign" and how he raised $100 million through integrated communications and grassroots engagement. This session is facilitated by Tony Robertson,

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Talk to Solly this is your opportunity to share your views and opinions about YOUR PRISA with Solly.

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Until next month,
Adele Paulsen
PRISA: Executive director

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Compiled by Helena van Wyk