September 2012 Newsletter
Dear PRISA members
This month's newsletter is packed with exciting news and events. The PRISA Board had its strategic planning session and we share with you the exciting new direction they envisage for PRISA. Our Spotlight on APRs focus on two Capetonians, Solly Moeng and Karen Visagie and we bring the latest trends in Government Communication.
Feedback from the PRISA Board
PRISA recently held a strategic planning session with the focus on organisational renewal and meaningful improvement. This assembly was attended by representatives of all PRISA's national and regional committees. Requiring a full day, the meeting started at the break of dawn and only ended after the sun had set. It included brainstorming, in-depth review and plenary sessions. There was a thorough investigation of PRISA's systems, processes, as well as an interrogation of the PRISA brand. After great discussion, a progressive framework in which to operate emerged. Key strategic issues were identified and an action plan tailored for each issue was formulated.
Looking ahead, our members can expect a few changes, not only in the way PRISA operates, but moreover how it communicates. These changes will be introduced intermittently as the year draws to a close and will be to members' benefit.
The PRISA Board would like to thank all those who sacrificed an entire Saturday to take part and contribute to the strategic planning session.
We would also like to thank the PRISA members for their ongoing support and urge them to continue assisting in the growth of PRISA both as a brand and as an organisation. Remember, PRISA is only as strong as you, its members.
It is the endeavour of PRISA to engage its members and PRISA recognised that social media has become a non-negotiable business tool for the organisation.
As a social-media-centric organisation, PRISA has set up a presence on Facebook, Twitter and will soon be launching a YouTube channel. In addition, there is a regular blog 'Talk to Tshepo' which is currently active on the PRISA website.
All these platforms are of no benefit if you, the member, do not utilise them. PRISA would like to engage with you and we therefore urge all members to follow us on Twitter '@1PRISA', LIKE PRISA on Facebook, or comment on the PRISA blog. Share with us your success stories, interesting articles or even simple 'how to' tips that might be helpful to the industry.
Help grow our membership
We invite all members to join in on a drive to grow our membership by 50% by the end of 2012.
To achieve this, we have packaged an incentive for each and every member to at least refer one new PRISA member per month for a period of four months – September to December 2012.
On payment of the current fee of R980, you will receive a referral fee of R300 for each new member which translates to R1,200 during this period of four months.
You can use this to pay for the renewal of your membership or buy yourself a few public relations books on Amazon to contribute towards your continuous professional development points (CPD).
Regional news  
PRISA's Gauteng Region is partnering with Business Engage to bring you another "Hot Tables" event on the 25th September 2012. The August event was booked out with 220 people, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.
Pabi Moloi, 94.7 presenter, MC the August Business Engage event.
The topic of this event:
"Wide Angle- mastering the art of creative thinking"
The idea around it is that the landscape around us is changing faster than it ever has before. This is the case in business, in family and socially as well. Traditional thinking is no longer enough to drive us forward. We now need to employ more creative thinking techniques in order to survive.
Click here for more information
World Public Relations Forum
Global leaders get ready to explore Communication without Borders at the World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne. This two-day programme (Monday and Tuesday, November 19-20) will focus on the theme "Communication without Borders", examining how communication is changing our world and how this change affects the roles of professional communicators everywhere.
The Melbourne World Public Relations forum is a valuable opportunity for PRISA members to share knowledge on association management among international association leaders. For more information visit Global Alliance.
Continuing Professional Development Programmes (CPD)
PRISA is presenting CPD workshops for its members in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and the Free State. They are the following:
Gauteng CPD Programmes:
  Social Media:
6 - 7 September: Randburg, Johannesburg
This is a very hands-on course. Delegates need to bring their laptops with an Internet connection, your smart phone and any questions you may have.
Click here for more information
  Professional Proofreading and Editing:
13 - 14 September: Randburg, Johannesburg
This practical workshop will teach delegates the finer tricks of the trade and is facilitated by a highly experience proof reader.
Click here for more information
  Communication Audit:
18 September: Randburg, Johannesburg
Communication audits are necessary in today's business environment and will assist you in gaining insight and information about your organisation's communication programme.
Click here for more information
KwaZulu Natal CPD Programmes:
Professional Events Management:
11 - 12 September: Durban North
This workshop will focus on a range of event management issues including strategic alignment with business objectives, operational planning and implementation, event risk management and event evaluation and measurement.
Click here for more information
Free State CPD Programmes:
Internal Communication Management:
20 - 21 September: Bloemfontein
This workshop will focus on enabling the communicator to design relevant internal communication strategies and execute them successfully.
Click here for more information
What did our delegates say about the PRISA August CPD workshops?

Photography- The sequel
As the great American photographer Ansel Adams said: "Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art". With this in mind, the long awaited advanced Photography workshop finally arrived. Under the exuberant and expert guidance of Zoom Photography's Richard Strever, the professional workshop was a resounding success. After a quick recap of photography fundamentals from the last workshop, it was time to delve deeper into the fascinating world of photography. read more

Presentation Skills - Speak with Confidence
It is a widely held belief that the secret to a successful presentation lies not in the PowerPoint, but in the person behind the screen. Having the right tools to maximise one's presentation skills is an invaluable tool for all public relations practitioners. Whether you are making a simple presentation to internal stakeholders, or an elaborate address at a stadium opening, the CPD 'Presentation Skills' workshop covered all the bases. Delegates were treated to a comprehensive, intensely practical two-day clinic, which was facilitated by the effervescent Peter van der Schyff. read more
To view a list of all our CPD Programmes for the rest of 2012, you can click here.
Campus vibe
CPUT's BTech Public Relations students doing it again …
The BTech students are continuing with their Champions of Engineering campaign to create awareness of the 'Cape Speed' team. The students coordinated the involvement of the two female members of the team (of which ten are male) to participate in the Cape Peninsula University of Tecnology's (CPUT) Annual Women's day event. (read more) read more
Dieter Voigt with Rushdia Benjamin

University of Johannesburg's SPRA walk an extra mile for CHOC

Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC), in partnership with Revlon, held its annual celebration of life fun walk, at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg on Sunday 26th August 2012. The walk was aimed at raising funds for children who are living with cancer.
UJ third year public relations students and
Mrs. Benecke at the back.
University of Johannesburg (UJ) Student Public Relations Association (SPRA) supported the day by doing the 8km walk together with their communication lecturer, Mrs. Rene Benecke. Members also contributed to the event by volunteering to work at the registration desk for the walk, assisting at the different water points and handing out the gift packs at the end of the race. read more
Spotlight on APRs
Coast to coast
This month we take a trip to the coast to meet our Capetonian APRs, Solly Moeng; the manager of Cape Town based DonValley Brand, Marketing and Communication and PRISA's current president – elect, and Karen Visagie, Public Relations and On Air Promotions co-ordinator of Good Hope FM.
Solly and Karen carry the APR status with pride and this is what they had to say in regards to what being an APR means to them. read more
Trends in Industry
Government Communication can no longer be a hit or miss affair.
Tasneem Carrim, Government Communication Practitioner, writes about the communication trends in Government.
The "shot gun" approach of covering the widest area in the hope someone catches the message belongs to a bygone era.
Government in its Communication Strategy for the period 2011 to 2014 has adopted a more targeted approach that identifies the needs and wants of various stakeholders and communicates directly to individual South Africans on issues that matter most to them.
Our communication has become more audience-centred to ensure that Government messages and products resonate with the different needs and sectors of society. read more
Tshepo's Blog
Talk to Tshepo is your opportunity to share your views and opinions about YOUR PRISA with Tshepo. (click through)
Talk to Tshepo is your opportunity to share your views and opinions about YOUR PRISA with Tshepo. Click here to view his blog. Tshepo spoke to Simon Brown on Taking the Gap last month about how public relations has evolved. Their discussion moved from when public relations used to be the process of spamming media outlets with marketing news in the hope that one of them would publish it and how this have changed. Currently, public relations is about reputation management, effective communication with stakeholders and engagement. Most importantly it is about relationships and not about spam style briefs.
To listen to the interview click here:
PRISA blog - taking the gap 09 effective public relations
Until next month,

Adele Paulsen
PRISA: Executive director
Compiled by Helena van Wyk