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Video killed the radio star

Video killed the radio star… An echo of the Eighties reminds us that video has been around for a while; the good news is video lives on. This industry, although mature, has consistently innovated and remained relevant to the communication industry today more than ever before. Used wisely - and we have a few excellent tips for this - integrating video into your communication strategy can breathe new life into your business.

Video application has grown in leaps and bounds since the first grainy corporate video on a disc was handed out in a corporate folder. It lends itself to social media, particularly YouTube, where a snappy corporate video can move your brand quicker than any of the traditional channels at a fraction of the cost.

The incorporation of video into the social media strategy can add a visual story to back up your brand claims, provide testimonials from clients and provide important information in an entertaining way.


Attention spans of audiences attending presentations are short and a quick video can be an effective way of avoiding ‘death by PowerPoint’. In the recruitment field, video CVs are becoming a new innovative way of introducing yourself to prospective employers. At events, a well produced video can captivate an audience and create an experience to be remembered. Creating a video of a team-building event or internal function can ensure that the positive impact of the occasion is extended for a longer period of time, leaving the company with a recorded history of important milestones. For marketing purposes, particularly where education of the client is required, an edu-drama video can be a winning formula.

The traditional corporate video has become shorter (two to five minutes) to increase impact and focus in on key messaging in an engaging and entertaining manner. Induction and safety videos are still being produced for internal use, and the use of music and animation have made even these videos appealing. Many companies and particularly those in the FMCG space are using video interviews with target consumers to obtain suggestions and feedback. This provides valuable and authentic information straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ directly to the boardroom.

In one instance, a well-known construction company made very effective use of video to keep their investors informed of the progress on a construction site at key phases of the project. The videos were filmed using innovative aerial videography technology, which is a cost effective way of adding an overhead dimension to the film.

Video remains a powerful medium that informs as it entertains.

The starting point to effectively incorporating video into your strategy is partnering with an innovative video production company. The best companies will utilise High Definition camera equipment and a high quality editing style. Ask them to show you a wide variety of samples of their work so that you can see the type of clients they work for, as well as the quality of their footage and editing. References or testimonials from other clients can put your mind at rest regarding their business practices. Enquiring about their industry association memberships can also provide an indication of their standing in the industry. Make sure they have a database of royalty free music as this is key to keeping your budget under control.

When it comes to developing a video brief it is important to apply those well-worn communication principles:

  • Understand your target audience in as much depth as possible.
  • Clarify your three key messages. Rather brief a number of shorter focused videos than one video that is unwieldy and contains too many messages for anyone to retain.
  • Understand your media – for example, a video for YouTube should NEVER exceed two minutes. Don’t take two minutes if you can get your message across adequately in thirty punchy seconds. More is not more, the old adage ‘less is more’ is often critical to a corporate video.
  • Ensure that your video always includes a call to action even if it is just to view your website or join your social media platforms.
  • Your brief should always be accompanied by a high resolution logo and corporate identity guidelines.
  • The clearer you are about your objectives, the more likely it is that the video production company will produce collateral that will ensure you meet them.

During production encourage your video production partners to keep you updated regularly and influence the look and feel to lean towards the crisp, fresh and uncluttered as this has global appeal. A good video production partner will steer clear of the stereotypical and use a variety of techniques to keep the audience’s attention through-out.

Antoinette Short, general manager of Ground-up Media
*visit www.ground-upmedia.com

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